Why do Rabbits make borrows in yards with dogs!

This afternoon, I was in my backyard with my dog and before I knew it she darted past me and grabbed something in her mouth, I could tell it was a live something and I screamed at her.  She dropped it, or rather let it go on an upward trajectory and as it came sprawling back to the ground with paws spread in all directions, I corralled my dog back into the house.  Back to the backyard with dread in my steps, I found three little bunnies.  Each one would fit in my hand.  They had fur and eyes wide open, probably in fear of their first encounter into the world.  I saw where the burrow was and wondered if they were old enough to be out.  They could hop but they are not fast as least not fast enough for a 37 pound dog who obviously doesn’t respect the life of baby bunnies.  I immediately sent out a note on next door neighbor but many hours later, I was received no guidance on how to help these baby bunnies.  On last check with flashlight, one bunny has itself nestled under the fence, one bunny is by a fence post and the bunny that my dog was teaching acrobatics to is between the fence and swing set, probably contemplating how it’s going to make it in this cruel word of dogs.  I don’t know if they will make it.  I hope the mommy rabbit comes back tonight and helps them.  Otherwise the bobcat that roams the neighborhood with her baby will probably have a light meal.  The cruel world on the circle of life.