Sunday at C2 Cafe

Decided to get out of the house today and visit the coffee shop in the downtown area of the city I live in. I’m a firm believer of supporting businesses in the city you live in.  The caramel cafe latte was incredible and the ambiance of the place is quaint and quiet but I picked the quiet time to come on purpose so I could blog while enjoying the atmosphere. I visited Mom yesterday, as I usually do on Saturday’s. She gets worse each time I see her as new manifestations of her disease start showing. She asked me if I wanted her to get on my funeral. She meant car, when I said no, she told me to go. We had already gone for lunch at Whataburger. Today starts ftd awareness week so it seems fitting to write about mom and her disease. The human brain is amazing when it is operating the way it was meant to. When disease takes hold it is frustrating to see the malfunctions in people you love. Some days I wrestle with even answering her phone calls but as a believer in Christ , I am expected to honor my mom and dad so I do the best I can to honor, serve and love her.