No work Friday

Wow, I have the day off today and when I woke up, I was truly happy.  There was a joy deep inside as I stretched to welcome the day.  Happy to be alive, happy to be loved by Jesus.  Happy.  I know it is how I should welcome each day, unfortunately life has a way of happening and not always how we wish it would.  I want to wake up with this joy everyday but for today I’m going to bask in this feeling and enjoy everything.

When the joy is in my heart, it is amazing how much more I accomplish through the day.  I started with a list of about 30 items, important tasks that needed to be done.  Ok, not exactly really important tasks but things I wanted to get done.  I finished about 27 of them and so tomorrow I will finish the last 3.  The happiness stayed with me through house cleaning, grocery shopping, browsing social media and even the call from my mom in which I had no idea what she was saying.  An added beautiful gift from the Lord today, Mom only called 2 times today instead of 10.  Yes, it was a gift and if you have ever had to walk through frontal lobe dementia with someone, you definitely understand just how much of a gift it was.

The day is coming to an end, but the joy inside of me is continuing.  I am so in awe of just how gracious God is.  He truly knows what we need and when we think we have nothing left, a day like today happens and He renews my strength.  We are created to give, to care for others, but through the fall, we want to be selfish and have what we want when we want it.  The feelings of giving are truly more satisfying but God knows when we need a day of His joy raining down on us and infusing each cell with His love.  He lovingly loves us so that we can go on another day and give as Jesus gave.

I am more blessed than I deserve and this joy has captivated my heart today.