Saturdays with Mom

I wish I could wake up everyday like I did yesterday.  I suppose it would be true to say that I could, it is a decision, but I’m not there yet.  I did the things that I knew would help, put on worship music and soaked in it.  Even tried smelling the Joy oil…  Sometimes, I dread my visits with mom.  When I walked in they said she had an upset stomach.  We went to her room, after about 50 kisses and got her sweater.  Watching her eat french fries is truly odd, she looks through the fries and tries to find 4 that are about the same size, she then tries to eat all four at once.  It is truly and experience to watch her eat.  When she picks up her whataburger, she carefully eat from one side to the other and makes sure it is a straight line, if not she nibbles the areas that aren’t in order to produce the straight line.  Today, I added the delectable apple pie to our order to see if she would eat that.  Carefully I broke it in half to let it cool off to make sure it didn’t burn her mouth, after I determined it was cool enough, I offered it to her.  She looked at it carefully before eating it leaving a straight line across.  She was looking down and I asked, Do you like it mom, as her face came up to meet mine, her eyes were as large as an owl’s in childlike delight of this new delicacy.  When we ventured back to her FTD home, we walked through the back yard twice and then went to her room.  She called me on her phone as is I wasn’t there and then we spoke for a minute and then she handed me the phone to converse with the person on the other end, which was me.  She did this twice today.  On to the living room to watch some Lone Ranger and Tonto, wow, was a blast from the past, as I remember watching that when I was growing up.  Next thing I know is she is up walking down the hallway and comes back with the nurse and says open the thing so she can.  Her sentences are only partial.  Yep, she was kicking me out.  I’m not sure why, but she decided that I needed to leave and so leave I did.

Let’s end today with a funny story from when mom first came to live with me, before she got so bad that a memory care unit became her home.

My son and I were watching the X-men movie where Jennifer Lawrence is playing the blue super hero.  My mom hears the movie playing and comes downstairs.  She stands there watching for a few minutes and then starts to exclaim,  “Oh my gosh, I have never seen a blue person in this city, I have never seen a blue person in this country, I have never seen a blue person in the whole world.”  I know it is sad, but my son and I couldn’t help laughing, she truly thought that since this was on TV, it was real and there were blue people in the world now.

The same thing happened when we were watching Jurassic Park. The the T-Rex came on screen, she said “Oh my, where is that.  I have never seen an animal like that, where is it.  Is it near hear?”  We tried to explain that it was just a movie, but her mind was damaged and just couldn’t comprehend that.  Again, it is sad, but sometimes laughter is what gets me through.  It is a funny memory to me.