Kneeling for the national anthem

I’m not sure the people kneeling even understand what they are doing.  The reasoning is skewed and quite possibly due to the large numbers of concussions these men are receiving (complete conjecture on my part in that thought)

We live in the best country in the entire world.  It may not be perfect but it is far and away better than all the rest of the countries.  Our country was built on the blood on our military.  We have a country today due to the sacrifices of men and women who fought for our rights.  If we aren’t proud to live in this country, go live elsewhere and when you come back, you will undoubtedly understand that the United States of America is truly the best place to live.  We have every opportunity here to succeed and be successful.  Anyone, even without and education, can obtain a job and over time prove themselves  based  on their work ethics and they will find themselves with increasing skills and salaries.  It starts with work ethics!

Our Flag, such a symbol of freedom.  The freedoms we have here are not found anywhere else.  Yes, we have freedom of speech and we should use it when needed, that doesn’t mean disrespecting our military, our flags or our anthem.   Going to work and deciding to use that as a platform, would undoubtedly get many of us fired.  If you want to protest, do it on your own time, not while you are at work.  Yes, NFL players have a job to do, they are employees.  They are paid to entertain Americans even if I feel it has become to violent of a game, many have historically enjoyed watching football and forgetting about life for a few hours while being entertained.  The pageantry of the beginning of the games is meaningful to the Americans who watch.  The beauty of the song which fills us with pride as we remember all those who have died to give us such a wonderful country.  The flag and military members who bring them out remind us of just how high a price was paid.  Everyday Americans are incredibly proud of the Flag, the National Anthem and we are fed up with millionaire paid athletes who have seemed to forget that they are paid to entertain us.  We don’t watch them to hear there tainted views on anything.  Play football and go home.  Your views have no value to us during a football game.  If you have to blog or protest or let the world know your views on something, anything, then do it on your own time.  If this keeps up, I believe they will be making a lot less money as many Americans have had enough and are walking away from watching sports which will affect the wallets of the owners and then the players will see their salaries fall.  Then you will realize that you are paid to entertain and that is all.  God Bless America and God Bless all of our troops

Washington thinks everyday Americans are not intelligent

I am beginning to think that Washington D.C and the bureaucrats and elites that run the city truly believe that everyday Americans are too stupid to know what is best for them and therefore they need to make decisions for us based on their superior intelligence.  It only makes sense as they refuse to acknowledge that President Donald Trump was elected because we realize how self serving they are and they can’t bring themselves to accept that Americans are truly smart enough to understand what is needed.  I wonder if they have begun to trick our President into believing what they believe, that we average Americans aren’t smart enough to run our own lives.  What a pity as we average Americans are smarter then all of the politician’s in Washington DC.

Bannon – 60 minutes

Just a quick thought or two.  Bannon kept his cool as the interviewer tried desperately to throw him off balance in thoughts and words.  The interviewer was rude and showed no respect.  If you are interviewing someone, it seems to me that you should show professionalism and he showed none.  Bannon had some great one liners and they are all over twitter.  It was great!


Daca, a very controversial subject today.  It is important to me to remember the emotional part of it and as I tend to look at it factually first.  It seems that when Barack Obama put this executive order through it was unlawful from the beginning.  The President doesn’t make laws, Congress does.  Why didn’t Congress pass a law if they wanted this so badly.  To hear Congress moan today about how unfair this is, you would think they don’t have the power to change laws.  I read about DACA today and how it was for those 16 and under that came to the US.  Seems to me that many were old enough to remember what is was like in their country and they would be fine going back to their home country.  It is worth noting that the majority come from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.  Why do my hard earned tax dollars go to support people who came here illegally.  It is not fair to the hard work that I do everyday.  I could use those tax dollars to help my own family.

Do I feel compassion for them?  I suppose a little, but the families knew what they were doing when they came here illegally and if we reward breaking the law for some, it will only encourage more to come here illegally, knowing they will be rewarded as well.

What is the solution?  Strong borders, taking care of our own citizens and when they are all taken care of, opening the borders to legal immigration.  Our veterans deserve reward, our single parents deserve help, our poor deserve our social services before anyone illegal deserves them.  But that just my opinion and we all have one.

Most of the information I wrote about came from reading this article.

Reading to learn

This weekend I watched Ukraine on Fire, watched an hour long podcast of two people that I don’t agree with and got a copy of the book “Rules for Radicals”

Ukraine on Fire is difficult to watch, at least the online copies I could find.  It is narrated in Russian or Ukraine and the subtitles are not extremely accurate.  I hope to see it again in an English version as I felt that I wasn’t able to take in the vast amount of information as so much was lost during translation.  It does appear that the CIA in the United States is heavily involved in a majority of the overthrown governments in the last 50 years or so.

Listening to people you disagree with allows you to understand where their views come from and to occasionally find a morsel of information that you do agree with.  That is what developed when I finished a weekend challenge for a class I’m a part of.  Sam Harris is an self proclaimed atheist and he has a pod cast and on one episode he had Fareed Zakaria on and during part of the podcast they discussed Islam and Muslims.  It was fascinating to hear how they each view it and the similarities and differences of their experiences. I hope that I never forget to listen to the opposite side of view as myself as it is always educational to stop and re determine your own views as new information becomes available.  If we would all take the time to listen to each other, we might not have as much turmoil in the United States.

I’m excited to finally be able to read “Rules for Radicals”.  I’ve heard so much how the left has used it for their political agenda.  I’d like to know for myself just how much of it seems to be true to their agenda.


The left appears to think that Antifa is good because it’s anti-fascism.  Fascism definition on Merriam Webster is a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.

Being against fascism sounds good.  So those on the left fighting against what they perceive as a fascist government should be good.  But how to they think are government, our President, Senate, House, Supreme Courts are going to allow a dictatorship?  Everything in our Constitution is against Dictators.  Nothing is President Donald Trumps speeches has anything to do with being a dictatorship.  He has increased our GDP, he has in creased our jobs.  These are things that are good for everyone.

More research is needed to show where antifa is funded. As I’m sure it is George Soros but more research will be provided to prove it.